Current State

Today, 70% of content produced is never used, while 45% of marketing budget is spent on content. 97% of web visitors ignoring contact forms and calls to action. Just 1 in 5 B2B Marketers rated their content strategy as ‘very successful’.

CMO-CFO divide - 94% CFO's would increase budgets if there were clear results, 38% consider digital to be a cost center, and 36% CFO think marketers use 'vanity metrics'.

Today, content is typically presented to web visitors in silo websites, forms, and dead-end landing pages, or the relevant content buried in blogs no one can actually find. This approach puts the full onus on customers to navigate the maze of brand content without experiencing the story they need to reach an informed decision.

Too often, content marketers take the approach of effectively getting in the prospect’s face - that is, throw whatever content you can in front of them whenever you get a chance, but this is inefficient (and worse, turns people off). Mostly tied to 'vanity' metrics - like 'clicks & 'new leads'.

Listen, customers aren’t peripatetic. When they show up on your homepage or a landing page, they aren’t on a random walk. They’re on a journey.

A journey of discovery.

A journey with a purpose.

Let’s be explicit and clear that while mapping the journeys is critical, it’s a building block, you do it today using documents and spreadsheets, not a solution.

Let’s be explicit and clear that while producing pithy purpose-built content is critical, it’s a building block, not a solution.

Delivering the right content to the right prospect at the right time - this IS unique. This is what Flockrush does that no one else does. Delivering the right content to the right prospect at the right time with software to automate and track this process is much more than a building block.


This is Flockrush.

Flockrush delivers the right content to the right customer at the right time along their journey.

Flockrush is software that deploys content purpose-built to acquire and retain customers.

To drive quality leads and to better understand your customers and their intent, you need to deliver the right content at the right time, you need to see the visitors behind your websites, who are they? what they actually did?

Make it easy for the customer to reach an informed buying decision by presenting personalized and relevant information.

Predicts the outcome by understanding customer's intent.

You need Flockrush