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We offer marketers key innovations to easily build and manage Content Journeys. The old way presumes that a buyer will somehow figure out the maze of content and reach a buying decision. Content Journeys guide the buyer through personalized content to answer their key questions to reach an informed buying decision. Faster.

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Todays Marketing Challenges

of visitors are not potential customers.
of visitors bounce without any interaction.
of visitors ignore CTA's.
70% of content is never used, while 45% marketing budget is spent on content.
Create content journeys and hyper target audience segments who can benefit from the offering, rather than broad brush to simply measure clicks.
Everyone does not react to the same message. Create content journeys based on personality types and always show what is the next piece of content to consume.
Create content journeys which focus on buyer education and nurturing, once a buyer has all the information they will click on the CTA.
By measuring the pillars of Content, Engagement and Conversion see what individual content assets engage and convert.

Content Journey Goals

The goal of the content journeys is to present the information to the buyers is a way which helps the buyer make an informed buying decision faster. We call it pathways of guided discovery. Like storytelling with a logical progression. Our research has shown you can make it easy for the buyers to buy through Flockrush Journeys. Results are higher conversion rates, happier customers, and increased brand loyalty.

Flockrush Journeys move marketers from a click mindset to a conversion mindset, what matters most.

Creating Content Journeys

Now let us explain the basic framework and show you how simple it is to create & edit content journeys inside Flockrush. To build content journeys, just follow these simple steps:

1. Choose a template in the Journeys tab on the left navigation.

2. Customize with logo's, add the description and set up the Journey Map index page.

3. Add Journey Step pages and customize the content in each Journey Step.

4. Tie your ad, social, and email campaigns to bring the visitor on the click to your designed content journeys. You can also add the link to start a journey at launch points on your website where you deem best.

5. See which visitor has stepped though how much of the journey and find the most qualified leads. Measure each journey and asset step inside a journey to see which give the best results.

One of many use cases

Imagine a car dealership. The dealership spends a lot of money to get the buyer to click on an ad, or a SEO link, to bring the traffic to your website. The buyer will look at your landing page, and drop off, or will visit the site and then go on to another competitor website and to rating sites and blogs. Mind set is that the click happened, the conversion rates are what the industry average is and we will catch them in the next campaign.

Wouldn't it be great if you can let the buyer experience their entire buyer journey through your own website property? Know where they stand in the buying decision? Know which of your content assets actually worked for what type of psychographics? Now you can, through Flockrush Journeys.


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