Making it easier for your B2B customers to buy

Flockrush is an AI-Based MarTech providing self-service content buyer enablement solutions that make it easy for customers to buy.

B2B customers have struggled for years with too much information rather than not enough. The most successful marketers are focused on providing less but more relevant information, specifically designed to make buying easier. Flockrush helps marketers repurpose successful content, from pre-existing sources, to move customers through the buying process, with analytics to understand how customers engaged along their journey, and AI-services to automate and optimize performance.

Founded 1.5 years ago
with a singular vision to
make it easier for customers to buy.

We love the idea of content which makes it easy for a customer to make an informed decision. We know the brilliance team work brings. Built on our values of innovation and team work, our solution makes it easy for the buyer to buy and teams to seamlessly work across the globe.

Flockrush is reinventing
the art of interactive web content

By presenting content to the customers in an engaging, persuasive and educative way.

Flockrush is defining
the content conversion metrics

By analyzing customer's journey you gain significantly stronger signals of customer intent.

The Way You Work

Through our integrated approach and collaborative framework, the team focus lies on making and delivering exceptional content which is consistent and brilliant.