Delivering- Right content. Right customer. Right time.

Enable your sales and marketing to be more aligned and successful

Flockrush is the Smart Web CX/CMS (Content experience and management system) because it allows you to engage your customers with the right content sequence at the right time, increasing buyer conversion.

Flockrush tracks the customer journey enabling you to predict the outcome thru to the buying decision.

Current CX/CMS solutions are ill-equipped to take the visitor on a personalized buyer journey, instead presenting layers and layers of content for visitors to have to make sense of themselves.

It is a lot EASY to build static websites with pages and blogs posts on Wordpress, Adobe or other CMS's, and put the full onus on consumers to navigate the maze of brand content without experiencing the story they need to reach an informed decision.

It is a lot HARDER to build websites which 'guide' and 'tracks' the visiting customer along their journeys to present the right content at the right time with the current CMS technologies.

Fear not, the big giants like Youtube, Netflix, and Diply have mastered the technique of presenting the right content at the right time to perfection. Imagine if you can get hold of their technology?

You can.

brings their learning in a software technology to automate and track the process of delivering the right content to the right prospect at the right time and predicts the outcome by understanding customer's intent.

The Content Journeys Platform

Taking a customer journey-centric approach to content means engaging the customer with the right content, at the right time.

Deliver persuasive customer experiences, purpose-built to acquire and retain customers - with little or no knowledge of coding, or design.

Predict the outcome by understanding customer's intent and empower sales and marketing to sell more.

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Journey Personalization

Personalize the customer journeys based on their journey stage, behaviour, demographic, location, campaigns, accounts and more - Click on an image that appeals to you most...