Create Smarter Content Experiences


Using Flockrush’s Cognitive ContentAI®, A.L.I.A.®. Makes-It-Easier®. Companies can determine content relevancy and present content to make it easy for B2B customers to engage & learn, which ultimately leads to faster sales and higher customer satisfaction.


Visualize your Customer Experiences

Map your customers’ journeys in minutes.
Flockrush Experience Map

Align Content to Customer Journeys

Repurpose content to create transformative experiences.
Flockrush Content Pathways

Nurture prospects.
Qualify leads.
A.L.I.A.®. Makes-It-Easier®

Understand if nurturing pathways are efficient and optimize in real-time.

At Flockrush, we believe that what matters most is what happens after the click.

Flockrush wha matter is what happens after the click
You’ve spent enormous energy and resources creating compelling content to attract leads. Capitalize on these opportunities by engaging in a dialogue that converts prospects and deepens customers relationship with your brand.

Use Flockrush's Alia®, Artificial Intelligence for deeper content engagement and faster customer nurturing.

70% of content is never used

yet 45% of marketing budgets are spent on creating this content.
Flockrush yet 45% of marketing budgets are spent on creating this content.
Flockrush make it easier for customers to buy

Make it Easier for your Customers to Buy...
Again and again

Everyone has their own unique learning style and needs. So why don’t content marketing programs typically take this into account? One-size-fits-all content strategies are not an effective way to educate and nurture customers.

To prove nurturing success, marketing leaders must measure and track purchase-ease. Demonstrating content effectiveness and measuring success is about more than clicks and traffic.

Flockrush’s analytics will help your company demonstrate the correlation between nurturing performance and business outcomes, making customer nurturing and purchase-ease an integral part of your business strategy.

Flockrush empowers your business to move beyond the short-term focus of closing the single transaction to a more holistic approach that wins lifetime customers.