Discover why over half of B2B marketers are missing customers with their approach to content marketing

97% web visitors ignore CTA's
70% content never used
45% marketing budget spent on content

We bring together a New Way to create and present interactive
content to customers

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Thursday, May 31 - 2PM EDT/11AM PST
20 minutes plus Q&A

Journeys Webinar Series A: 1 of 12
Content Journey Engineering
Aamir - Founder and CEO, Flockrush

Increase engagement and conversion by using content journeys

Content is the voice through which brand guides and communicates with their online customers. Discover how content journeys sharpens that voice.

Mapping content to customer buyer journeys makes delivering the right content to the right person at the right time easy.

Learn about this and the benefits of Content Journey Engineering:

 Better personalized interactive content and engagement.

 Better metrics and automated testing.

 Better workflow and collaboration.