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Flockrush - Frequently Asked (and useful!) Questions

What is Flockrush?

Flockrush is a strategy-driven app for growing large social audiences based around a topic that’s of particular interest to your target market. The strategy is explained in more detail at http://www.flockrush.com/An-Introduction-to-Flockrush/

Our product features eight key tools:

  1. Strategy Guidance
    Resources to help your fan building the Flockrush way.
  2. Content Discovery
    Discover high volumes of relevant content from your chosen sources as well as user generated content to publish across all your social pages. All Flockrush customers also enjoy a wide range of high quality royalty paid images from Getty Images.
  3. Content Curation
    Personalise your content across channels simultaneously, fast. Whether adding text, or editing images you really can deliver consistently great social content.
  4. Content Publishing
    Manage all your content queues and content publishing schedules with the ability to publish at scale across multiple social channels.
  5. UGC Rights Management
    Protect your brand and secure rights to high impact user-generated content with just one click.
  6. Audience Engagement
    Engage with your fans on a personal level with full visibility and prioritization of mentions and messages.
  7. Analytics Dashboards
    Customizable dashboards featuring real-time streaming analytics to help you visualize and understand your audience the way you want to see it.
  8. Blog Management
    Flockrush has a native blog platform built on the latest JAMstack architecture, gaining you faster page loads and increased security. We also Integrate with WordPress via the Jetpack plugin. With direct to blog publishing, monetizing your audience is quicker and easier with Flockrush.

Who is Flockrush for?

Anyone can use Flockrush – everything about it scales, no matter how large (or small!) your team, how many pages you manage or how large your fan base.

For Brands and Agencies Flockrush gives you all the tools you need, and offers comprehensive workflow and UGC rights management to give you the levels of control and protection you need.


How does Flockrush work?

The Flockrush product is built to support an effective end-to-end process of audience building.

  1. Identify a content theme for your pages that your target audience are highly interested in.
  2. Create your social pages and use Flockrush to discover the content that is relevant to your page.
  3. Customize your posts and add them to content queues for high frequency daily publishing.
  4. Promote your best performing content to targeted users to encourage them to like and engage with your page.
  5. Create simple blog posts to act as landing pages for a proportion of your posts.
  6. Monetize your blog with a steady stream of high quality traffic and collect email subscribers.

Flockrush integrates all the tools you need to manage and analyze your content – including full hosting and performance optimization for fan page blogs all built within Flockrush. This is what sets us apart and enables such large efficiency savings.

How long does it take to build audiences?

There is no formula for audience growth – our audience growing strategy is able to deliver million-strong audiences within a year. With our pricing structure our success is tied inextricably to your success so we work every day to find ways to make day-to-day maintenance more effective and efficient and shorten the time it takes to grow, without compromising the methods that drive audience quality.

How much time will it take me?

What makes Flockrush a game-changer in audience building is the efficiency we bring to each stage of growing your fan base. Once you have set up your social page(s) and are ready to discover content to post we anticipate you should be able to build an audience of around a million fans with 1-2 focused hours per day spent finding and scheduling content and managing your content queues. Every audience grows differently and everyone works differently so this can only ever be a guide – what you get out is inevitably a factor of the work you put in.

Can I use Flockrush to build my brand audience?

You can – the tools we use support the Flockrush audience growth strategy can be used to manage your brand, although how you use them will be slightly different as you will be unlikely to post at the same scale.

If you use Flockrush for brand pages you may find it particularly useful to check our social care features - http://www.flockrush.com/platform/#audience-engagement/ – to see how Flockrush can be used for large scale follower/consumer engagement whether it’s customer service, engagement based on social listening or even prospecting. Using AI and machine learning to remove the noise of poor data and let you focus on the conversations that matter to your brand most.


What do I need to do to get started?

You will need to identify the topic(s) you want to build your page(s) around. We have developed a guide to help you do that - http://www.flockrush.com/resources/How-to-choose-a-topic-to-build-a-fan-page/

This needs to be something aligned to the interests your target market and getting this right is the critical first step. When you have registered the social pages on the platforms you wish to grow audiences on and secured a domain for your blog then you are ready to begin! You can sign-up for Flockrush here.

Can I use Flockrush if I already have pages with large numbers of followers?

Yes! Flockrush is made to work from zero followers upwards. If you have already build pages that have attracted fans you can still benefit from all the features to be more effective in managing them, and continue your growth.

Will Flockrush build my audience for me?

We don’t - all our energy and focus goes on improving the Flockrush strategy and platform to make it as easy as possible for you or your agency to.


How do I monetize my audience?

The core strategy for Flockrush is to build an audience through both paid and organic means to allow you to publish a proportion of your posts take consumers to a blog where, depending on the levels of traffic your generate, you are able to monetize visitors in a number of ways.

To find out more about monetizing social audiences check out our guide http://www.flockrush.com/resources/The-Flockrush-guide-to-monetizing-your-blog/

Within Flockrush you will be able to create your own blog using the very latest JAMstack architecture for fast page performance. This is a killer feature – Flockrush has not only build a blog, if you want to use WordPress.com or WordPress.org then we support that too via the Jetpack plugin.


How much does Flockrush cost?

Our pricing structure is very simple – you only pay for the audience you have, not the way you use Flockrush. So no matter how big your team is, or how many pages you want to manage it’s the same price structure and functionality for everyone. Our success always follows yours. You can get pricing based on your current audience size at http://www.flockrush.com/pricing/.

As a traffic engine Flockrush can accelerate your marketing activation at a fraction of the cost of typical marketing budgets spent to acquire traffic such as PPC, display ads and SEO. And because Flockrush builds fan pages around audience segments you can build your audience before you even launch your business for high impact marketing on day one. Flockrush can be used to:

Deliver high volume quality traffic to your website, app, e-commerce store Build a database of email subscribers who you can market to Create brand awareness and recognition Create high performance fan page or brand blog sites without any additional hosting or maintenance costs

For all of this from just $499 a month you can start building your audience today using all the features of Flockrush – and you can try it for 60 days for free.

If you have any price enquiries for migrating pages with audiences over 10m fans already please contact the Flock rush team here.

What other costs are there?

That’s up to you – within Flockrush there are no hidden extras just one simple price depending on your audience size. Part of the way we create a targeted audience is by seeding post feeds with targeted paid advertising on social networks. How much you spend is up to you but we recommend you budget around $1000-$2000 per month per page.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards for monthly and annual subscriptions. Bank transfers are only accepted for annual subscriptions.

What happens if my audience grows beyond my subscription?

Based on the rate of growth of you audience we will warn you before you get to the limits of your subscription. You will be notified of the change to your billing that will be applied when you cross into a higher price tier. If you have paid annually we will contact you to discuss any changes to your billing.

Do you offer a free trial?

You can try out Flockrush for yourself free for 60 days – enough time for you to get set up and see for yourself how quickly your audience starts to grow. In that time you’ll have access to all our support resources and time with our experts to make sure you get the best start possible.

All you’ll need to do is secure a domain through your chosen provider and activate your Flockrush blog in the first 30 days. We even set up and host your blog so it couldn’t be easier!

How long am I tied in for?

We’re so confident in our product that if you change your mind in the first billed month we’ll offer you a full refund, no questions asked. After that you are only committed to what you pay for, whether that’s monthly or annually.