What is Flockrush?

Flockrush is a software technology which helps you deploy content in a manner which is purpose-built to acquire and retain customers.

We are a Content Marketing software platform for enterprises. We Specialize in aligning content with Customer Journeys, which helps companies connect with their customers more effectively.

We are transforming how you can sell to your customers through the Web. By aligning content presentation to customer journeys you can better educate, nurture and help them reach a more informed purchase decision, more quickly.

With Flockrush, marketers can now create personalized content journeys and capture what content a customer has actively consumed before they are transitioned to sales. Knowing this key new signal which looks at the breadth and depth of each interaction rather than a click ensures your sales team is focused on higher quality leads they can convert more effectively.

Flockrush combines the ease of navigating content that consumers are familiar with through Youtube and Netflix and the high-engagement impact of Prezi. Personalization, and supports relevance at scale. Finally - filling a large gap for content teams - we have built analytics methods that better capture purchase intent, reducing barriers between marketing and sales through significantly improving the quality of content-driven lead generation.

... moving the mindset from clicks and popup to capture leads to that of education and marketing the way people actually buy.

What pain does Flockrush solve?

With 97% of web visitors ignoring contact forms and calls to action, Content Journeys directly addresses demand generation, lead quality and conversion challenges faced by companies.

Mapping Content to Customer Journeys also eliminates waste - today 70% of content produced is never used, while 45% of marketing budget is spent on content.

According to a recent report from the Content Marketing Institute (2018), just one in five B2B Marketers rated their content marketing strategy as ‘very successful’.

What does Flockrush help me do?

It allows you to focus the success of content on the right metrics of qualified leads, customer retention, and more enterprise penetration.

It allows you map and activate content along customer journeys.

It allows you to deliver the right content at the right time in the right format.

What is the Flockrush software platform?

Flockrush, The Content Journeys Platform is built on the most advanced open source projects. Some of the highlights are:

Smarter Content Insights - stronger signals of intent and buy-readiness.

Better content presentation - based on the scientific learnings, content is visually interactive to simulate lifelike experiences and it reduces bounce rates.

Multi-variant testing - A/B split testing to measure the effects of color, copy, media, and navigation on customer experience and on SEO.

Faster content download times - multi-device optimized content for improved user experience.

Seamless brand enforcement - brand guidelines change often, the way we architected the solution, changes to the brand guidelines update the existing content, saving tremendous grunt work.