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The Platform

Content Experiences

We offer an integrated approach to create content experiences, from creation to getting the content in front of right people, engaging influencers to amplify content performance, resulting in enhanced traffic to landing pages for generating leads and revenue.

With Flockrush's built-in website, landing page, blog and content and media hub builders your publishing can be fully integrated.

Synchronizing high volumes of content across social pages, content hubs and websites is time-consuming, but now it's as easy as adding another channel to post to.

Content Discovery

The fastest way to find and curate a large pool of the most engaging content for your audience.

Flockrush uses artificial intelligence solutions to find and sort content suggestions for your page subjects.

Building big audiences quickly requires great content to be posted frequently – with Flockrush you get access to great user-generated content, and royalty paid images of the best quality.

Having quick and easy access to relevant, high performing content transforms what can otherwise be a long and time-consuming process.

Content Curation

Tell your stories quickly and effectively by curating at scale across all your channels simultaneously.

Curate at scale – the greatest weapon for preparing high volumes of content to continually attract and engage fans.

Preview and edit multiple posts across all channels simultaneously with ease using our built-in image editor to create your best work.

No other tool gives you the power to curate so broadly and so fast, ensuring your publishing catalog can grow quicker than you thought possible.

Content Publishing

Feature rich queues, approval workflows, automated scheduling, content hub, media publication or blog posting with social amplification.

With Flockrush you can publish large volumes of content across multiple platforms simultaneously, and leverage the full scope of social media through our social amplification technology.

Unlimited tailored queues of content enable you to set up superior unique experiences and easily manage large pools of content to gain scale and performance with your content publishing.

Our highly customizable workflow processes and automated scheduling means content can flow efficiently from discovering to social publishing and content hub, media publication or blog posting but with full control.

Audience Engagement

Manage your community interactions with fast prioritization of the most valuable engagement

Engaging with, and responding to your audience is important, but time-consuming, part of growing your audience metrics.

Our customer service tool makes this easy, no matter what scale your approach requires and how big your team is.

Rules and filters allow you to get to the highest priority/opportunity messages and make the most of your community management resources.

Analytics Dashboards

Follow your audience as it grows with powerful analytics dashboards to track your growth and success

Stay on top of all your metrics with powerful social reporting and dashboards that are easy to create and share within teams.

Flockrush features a range of highly customizable report widgets, including real-time streaming to allow you to track audience growth across all channels in one place.

Our AI solutions support rich features language interpretation to allow you to track sentiment and mentions enabling you to visualize and understand what is driving your growth.


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