Other forms of digital marketing are becoming harder, pushing content marketing more to the fore, meaning we need to get better at it, meaning, we need to deploy content marketing in a manner purpose-built to acquire customers.

The answer lies in combining your existing content marketing infrastructure with newly available processes and software, like Flockrush, to do just that.

Introducing a smarter way, a new way to map and activate successful pre-existing content along customer journeys.

Resulting experiences are smarter, personalized, purpose-built to acquire customers.

Personalization tailors your message to each prospective customer visitor and helps increases attention span by presenting information which simplifies complex subjects, making them easier to grasp.

Deliver at scale relevant message to the customer at the right time, and in the right format.

Capture Customer Buyer Intent from the breadth and depth of content consumed on a purpose-built Journey, the best signal money can buy.

Focus the creative teams to create content which serves a purpose in a customer's journey, reducing waste and improving content quality.